shines from every angle

Yacht ownership is a reflection of your extraordinary success in life. Choosing a specific design reflects your style. Selecting a yacht name confirms your creativity. Enhancing your yacht name with YACHTSIGN® backlit name boards is the finishing touch that expresses your personality in a highly unique aesthetic.

an extraordinary display. combing Styl, form, and color

All YACHTSIGN® Lighted Letters are fully customized pieces of art. Well trained and experienced designers adapt your designs to achieve the best results or help create a wholly unique design for you. Unlimited type faces, block letters or scripts alike, can be backlit with the brilliant YACHTSIGN® LED technology.

hand-crafted to a standard of perfection

Focusing research and development on one product only is the foundation for industry leadership. Cooperation with top yacht manufacturers during Thousend of projects has developed a product which meets the industries expectations and needs. You benefit from this proficiency as acquired knowledge and experience is consistently applied to every project. And you receive one of the finest yacht accessories available today.